Senior Wing

Academics is the backbone of any good institution. They shape the young citizens for the future of country. Thus, some of the key activities as part of daily routine are:

1. No absentee tests are conducted every Monday and Thursday on a regular basis. The students who miss the test for any reason, take it later.

2. Online tests are conducted to enhance the knowledge.

3. Weekly OMR test is the latest addition to evaluate the overall learning of a student in a particular subject. OMR tests are highly useful in evaluation of the real learning rather than rote learning.

4. Introduction of Art / Music / Band / Craft lessons in the timetable apart from special practice sessions post school hours.

5. Personality Development Programme for class XII preparing them for interviews, GD’s, social skills post school life.

6. Distribution of newspaper everyday, yearly Manorma, The Week to keep the students up to date with current affairs.