The Award Programme was first introduced in India in 1956 to motivate the young people aged between 14-25 years to achieve their full potential by taking part in a balanced programme of voluntary self development activities. The programme has three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold level. Service, skill, physical recreation and expedition form the core components of the programme. In Service Section, students are encouraged to put in regular service hours. They have options to work within the school premises like School Mess, Library, IAYP Centre or go to a local Gurudwara to do service on a regular basis. In Skill Section, they are encouraged to develop cultural, vocational or practical skills. The School has introduced a number of hobbies for the student to help them learn a skill of their choice. They have a plethora of choices including photography, computer, astronomy, debating, drama, public speaking, magazine production, fabric painting, chess, coin collection, baking and music. In Physical Section, the thrust is on improving performance and enjoyment of physical activities. In Expedition Section, students are motivated to cultivate a spirit of adventure, discovery and team work with an understanding of environment. In Residential Project (Gold Level), an IAYP student is required to put in an hour of work per week in all sections. We are pleased to share with everyone that a total of 65 students from Class-XI have enrolled for the IAYP Bronze Medal. As a prelude to IAYP, the school has started regular hobby classes in Senior School. All students have been allotted a hobby of their choice. The students of Classes VIII and IX on Wednesday and those of Classes X, XI and XII on Saturday have to attend a hobby class of an hour and a half.