Junior Wing

Class IV to VII form the junior wing of the Punjab Public School, Nabha. Following are some of the day to day activities carried out to keep the children up to date.

1. News headlines are written everyday by  the students which are checked by English teachers and submitted to the Head Junior Wing weekly.

2. Weekly language lab period for classes IV to VII as part of regular English teaching.

3. To polish the vocabulary of children, 10 words are taken per week for maintaining ‘My Dictionary’.

4. ‘Spotting the error’ worksheets are taken weekly for classes IV to VII.

5. One period each for classes IV to VII is used for imparting life-skills.

6. Public Speaking is highly encouraged which includes speeches, thought for the day and the news headlines being read out everyday.

7. Morning assembly is conducted by a student of the Junior School everyday.

8. New Boys are trained by the old boys to tie turbans during their free time.

9. Weekly OMR tests and remedials for weaker students is held on regular basis.

10. Art/Band/Music/Craft periods are included in regular time table.

11. “Tell Me Why” is distributed to the students.