Round Square Zoom Postcard by St Phillip’s College, Australia

A Round Square Zoom Postcard was hosted by St Phillip’s College, Australia on the theme ‘School mottos, culture and community’ on 26th May 2021. A team of five (5) students comprising Garima Tayal, Gurwinder Singh, Jagnoor Kaur, Jasvir Singh and Akshay Sharma along with RS Rep Ms Tanuja Singh represented The Punjab Public School, Nabha.

The participants sent in images of their school crests and mottos, which were shared during baraza breakouts. In each baraza, the delegates spoke about their schools’ mottos followed by a wider discussion about what they mean and how they filter into school culture and community. 125 participants from 25 schools joined the call from India, Australia, Ghana, Kenya, Japan, Singapore, Tanzania and South Africa.