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    Prof Ram , a renowned researcher and professor delivered a thoughtful talk on 
    “ Beingful Leadership “. He talked about the levels of organisational transformation, 
    Purpose vs Higher Purpose, Capabilities of beingful leadership, How we approach work, How to make your work calling. The session came to an end with staff analysis where everybody took an assessment of the ideal vs real attributes as a teacher in their profession.Dr Jagpreet Singh, Headmaster presented a token of deeply felt love and gratitude to the Prof Ram.
      Shri VP Singh Badnore, Hon’ble Governor Punjab and Administrator, UT, along with Member, Board of Governors released the Commemorative School’s Special Day Cover by the Postal Dept. Mr Vinay Kumar Tiwari, Chief Postmaster General, Punjab, was also present on the occasion.  Speaking on the occasion, Hon’ble Governor highlighted the glorious past of school and shared the list of 60 events as part of run up to 60th Founders’. He extended his best wishes to school for the upcoming historic event. Dr Jagpreet Singh, Headmaster expressed his sincere thanks to the Chief Guest and Member, Board of Governors for gracing the event with their benign presence. The ceremony concluded with National Anthem.
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        "Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment. ~ Will Rogers "