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Mr Ajay Singh, Headmaster, The Punjab Public School was one of the keynote speakers during a 2-day Virtual National Conference organised from December 22-23, 2020 by Amity University, Uttar Pradesh on the theme “Best Practices for Educational and Vocational Guidance for Career Progression”. The overriding theme was “Strategies for Implementation of National Education Policy 2020 for Schools and Student Progression”. Mr Singh emphasised on providing multiple pathways to students so that they are future-ready in keeping with the provisions of the education policy. Prof (Dr) Balvinder Shukla, Vice Chancellor, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh was the man behind the novel initiative. It aimed at bringing together stakeholders like policy-makers, school principals, school owners, representatives of various education boards and distinguished leaders from the field of education on a common platform for exchange of views and extensive deliberations on implementation of the National Education Policy. Besides, there were panel discussions and deliberations on various sub-themes.

    Mr Ajay Singh, Headmaster, The Punjab Public School was invited as a speaker for CampusCare EdTalks on Entab CampusCare YouTube Channel on December 22, 2020. Entab is a leader in School ERP, CRM and Mobile Apps. He spoke on the theme “Understanding and Dealing with Angry Teens”. He emphasised the need to understand teen issues, especially in the backdrop of the challenging times we live in. Besides, he brought into sharp focus the critical role a teacher needs to play to bridge the gap between pre and post-pandemic world as far as care for children is concerned. He expressed the hope things will soon limp back to normal.

      • PPS Headmaster makes it to CampusCare EdTalks
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