Round Square Zoom Postcard – Renaissance International School, Hanoi, Vietnam

A Round Square Zoom Postcard was hosted by Renaissance International School, Hanoi, Vietnam on the theme “Who’s counting? Exploring gender bias in Math” on 23rd June 2021. A team of five (5) students comprising Kudrat Kaur, Prithvi Kaur, Sewak Singh, Gurmanpreet Singh Saran and Harneet Kaur along with RS Rep Ms Tanuja Singh represented The Punjab Public School, Nabha.

The pre-work revolved around responding to a questionnaire on varied attitudes to Math and these responses formed the basis for the lively baraza breakout discussions. These conversations were then shared in a plenary session that allowed participants to discover the similarities and differences in attitudes and practices across countries and cultures.

Forty (40) participants from eight (8) schools joined the call from India, Rwanda, Colombia, Germany and Japan.