PPS organises online IPSC Students’ Conclave 2021 – 22

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PPS organises online IPSC Students’ Conclave 2021 – 22

Former Army Chief addresses delegates

PPS hosted the online IPSC Students’ Conclave from October 24-26, 2021. The theme of the Conclave was: “Schools: The Cradles of i-Generation Leaders”. More than 180 student delegates from 30 prestigious public schools of the country took part in it. The proceedings kicked off with informal conversation and entry of participants at 3.50 pm. It was handled deftly by student leaders of PPS. It was followed by welcome and general introduction. The Opening Ceremony got underway with Headmaster Mr Ajay Singh welcoming the chief guest General Bikram Singh, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, SM, VSM, former Chief of Army Staff & Chairman, Chiefs of Staff (Retd) and an alumnus of The Punjab Public School. Apoorva Singh formally introduced the chief guest by sharing his worthy credentials with the participants. Delivering his keynote address, General Bikram Singh dwelt at length on the qualities of a leader, especially in the context of the theme. He called upon the delegates to flex their ideational muscles and come out with something concrete from the Conclave. The chief guest took some queries from the participants. Headmaster Mr Ajay Singh thanked the chief guest for sparing some time to be amongst the young leaders. It was followed by two sessions when the delegates went to their escape rooms to deliberate on the theme of the Conclave. The proceedings for Day-1 ended with inferences drawn from the deliberations. Thank you note for Day-1 and instructions for Day-2 brought the curtain down on the fast-paced event of the day.

Gleanings from General Bikram Singh’s address

Theme: “Schools: The Cradles of i-Generation Leaders”

Dwelling on the theme of the Conclave, General Bikram Singh said we are living in a highly volatile era where things are in a continuous state of flux. Technological advances have put humanity on the verge of monumental change. There is a paradigm shift from the generation of baby boomers of 1960s to a highly tech-savvy workforce of today. He emphasised the need for public schools to take the lead in this field with human face intact. We don’t have to say goodbye to creativity in the face of stiff competition as far as technology is concerned, said he. As cradles of leaders, whether i-generation or otherwise, decision-making by public school leaders will always hold its sway over the rest of humanity. The mechanics of leadership will remain the same for all ages. A leader must take decisions in the context of people. He should not be afraid of decisions going wrong but be quick to make mid-course correction without any room for ego. Decisions go wrong even at the highest echelons of leadership. A leader must realise any wrong or a hasty decision will have a cascading effect. He said a leader must be a good manager as well. Sharing some vital inputs on leadership, the General said trust and agility set a leader apart from the common rut of humanity. A leader can be more effective if he empowers people down the chain. A leader must ensure the workforce under him keeps upgrading its skills on a regular basis so as not to be irrelevant in a continuously evolving milieu. A leader must keep contingency plans ready in case of crisis. He must be a quintessential analyser of what is happening all around to get a clear picture of things. A leader must lead by example. It is his duty to ensure that people are jolted out of their comfort zones so that they remain ever ready to respond to any challenge. A good leader always questions the status quo and aspires for new heights. He indulges in a meticulous introspection and reflects on the lessons of the day. A good leader is a great listener too. He excels at inter-personal skills to have a lasting boding with his team. An ideal leader is a man of integrity and loyalty. He respects diversity in his organisation. He welcomes a constructive critique and raises himself in the estimation of others by taking the best out of it.