Oath Taking Ceremony

School Appointments take charge   

A long-awaited Oath Taking Ceremony for the Academic Session (2020-21) finally materialised on January 1, 2021. In a special assembly convened for the purpose, the school appointments were led into the Pavate Hall by Mr Ajay Singh, Headmaster, The Punjab Public School. It was a sight to behold as the appointments were named and their citations read out to the delight of all present including parents who could make it for the momentous occasion. They were given Certificates of Leadership. Speaking on the occasion, Mr Singh enumerated seven qualities which a leader must have. These include resilience, flexibility, communication, courage, humility, presence and responsibility or accountability. A true leader is always resilient in the face of adversities. He takes every challenge in his stride. He should be flexible as the grass which is not rattled while facing the strong currents of wind. He should cultivate adaptability in his personality. Communication refers to the art of connecting with the led and the ability to reach out. He should have the knack of persuasion. Courage, a grossly misunderstood term, refers more to the ability to stand up to any wrong and the ability to do the right thing at the right time. It also means to stand alone to the ridicule of the zealots. Determination and patience are other manifestations of it. Humility does not imply subservience but acting realistically without being snobbish. Presence is the strength of character. A leader’s very presence speaks of his work ethics. He means business. Responsibility or accountability are his hallmark. Besides, Mr Singh wished everyone a very happy and prosperous 2021. The proceedings concluded with the singing of the national anthem.

Student Appointments (2020-21)

S. No. Designation House No. Name
1 Head Boy R-00190 Shivam Virk
2 Head Girl J-00194 Dilasha Malhi
3 Deputy Head Boy & Round Square Captain J-00241 Ekamveer Singh Ghuman
4 Deputy Head Girl S-00115 Chhavi Bansal
5 Academics Captain J-00552 Pramita Ranu
6 Welfare Captain B-00378 Harshit Garg
7 Cultural Activity Captain J-00083 Shreya Kaushik
8 Sports Captain (Boys) S-00178 Mehakdeep Singh Mangat
9 Sports Captain (Girls) B-00090 Jashanpreet Kaur
10 Beas House Captain B-00523 Ankit Goyal
11 Jumna House Captain J-00184 Sahilpreet Singh Benipal
12 Ravi House Captain R-00307 Inderpreet Tayal
13 Sutlej House Captain S-00179 Nikhil Gupta
14 Girls Captain & MUN Captain B-00349 Mehreen Sidhu
15 Girls Deputy Captain J-00242 Shehnoor Kaur
16 School Prefect B-00088 Pallavpreet Singh
17 School Prefect R-00320 Kartikey Singh
18 School Prefect R-00126 Hargun Singh Heir
19 School Prefect S-00351 Harshit Kumar