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School Choir set the ball rolling for evening. English Play sent a powerful message that Life is an Echo, what goes around comes around. Western Dance brought a fresh wave. The Qawali garnered lot of cheer from the crowd as the Jugalbandi among Teachers, Students, Parents left everyone in splits. Hindi Skit ‘Manavta Ka Aagaz imparted a strong message of keeping the humanity alive in all of us. Girls presented a medley of Folk Dances. Bhangra left everyone asking for more. Last but not the least, Modelling by Junior Nabhaites was the clear limelight taking  everyone by surprise and thrilled all. Dr Jagpreet Singh, Headmaster complimented one and all for putting up a spectacular show. He congratulated the entire Junior School fraternity for a wonderful evening.
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    "Life lets everyone live lots of stories each in it’s own time. ~ Gail E. Haley "