Cultural activities play a very important role in the overall development of a child. Students are encouraged to take part in debates, declamations, quizzes, theatre etc.
House shows give every student a chance to showcase his/her talent in acting, singing, music, dance and much more. Our students run the major functions / events. Teams are regularly sent out for competitions giving a boost to their confidence. Senior students train their juniors for the same.

                                                         Inter-House Giddha Competition

Inter-House Giddha Competition was organised in the famed Pavate Hall on August 10, 2016. The girls from Junior, Middle and Senior Sections took part in it. The judges were Ms Rajinder Pal Kaur, Mr Waris Brar and Ms Neelam Dhir. It was a marathon exercise involving 110 girl students for over two hours. The girls mesmerised the audience with their flawless steps and perfect rhythm. Finally, Jumnites stole the show by lifting the Overall Trophy for Junior, Middle and Senior Inter-House Giddha Competition donated by ICSE Batch-1990.  Speaking on the occasion, Dr Jagpreet Singh, Headmaster, The Punjab Public School, Nabha complimented the staff and students for putting up such a stunning performance. He also gave the revered judges tokens of deeply felt love and gratitude. Mr Garry Everett, Deputy Headmaster and Mr NS Deol, Head, Junior Wing were also present.

Junior Girls

House Points Position
Beas 120 III
Jumna 120.5 II
Ravi 127.5 I
Sutlej 107 IV

Middle Girls

House Points Position
Beas 120 II (Shared)
Jumna 138 I
Ravi 120 II (Shared)
Sutlej 117 IV

Senior Girls

House Points Position
Beas 121 III (Shared)
Jumna 124.5 II
Ravi 133.5 I
Sutlej 121 III(Shared) 

Overall Position

House Points Position
Beas 361 III
Jumna 383 I
Ravi 381 II
Sutlej 345 IV

Inter-House Giddha Competition Trophy-2016 donated by ICSE Batch-1990 is bagged by JUMNA HOUSE.

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                                                        Inter-House Bhangra Competition

Inter-House Bhangra Competition was held in the famed Pavate Hall on August 21, 2016. 
Mr Gurpinder Singh, Mr Waris Brar and Mr Jarnail Singh Bagga were the judges. The following are the results:

Individual Position

Junior Houses

House Points Position
Beas 108.5 III
Jumna 121 II
Ravi 101.5 IV
Sutlej 125 I

Middle Houses

House Points Position
Beas 131 I
Jumna 116.5 II
Ravi 103 IV
Sutlej 115.5 III

Senior Houses

House Points Position
Beas 116 III
Jumna 110 IV
Ravi 127 II
Sutlej 133 I

Overall Position

House Total Position
Beas 355.5 II
Jumna 347.5 III
Ravi 331.5 IV
Sutlej 373.5 I

Inter-House Bhangra Trophy donated by Mrs Rupinder Deol goes to Sutlej House.
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