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The Punjab Public School, Nabha has been associated with the British Council for almost a decade. The school has been the proud recipient of the prestigious International School Award (ISA) thrice in a row. The ISA has been an exhilarating experience for the staff and students. The British Council projects helped the students to imbibe the spirit of internationalism, enlarged their vision and prepared them as global citizens. The multifarious projects such as From Me to We, Manning the borders: The real life heroes, The musical bond of connectivity, Global crops, Head held high and a host of supplementary activities celebrating important International Days covered a wide range of subjects and exerted a far-reaching impact on the students. It was actually a process of learning by doing things in an innovative manner and gaining new ideas and concepts.
The participation of students in projects of international dimension helped them to get connected to the world at large by overcoming geographical, cultural, religious and lingual barriers. The ISA has indeed been an enriching journey promoting enhancement and expansion of intellectual and emotional barriers and strengthening the ethos of the school by making the optimum use of the potential of the students.

The Punjab Public School, Nabha has been conferred the International School Award for the fourth time by The British Council.
The ISA Award has been acredited to PPS by The British Council for it's Outstanding Development of the International Dimension in the curriculum for the term 2018- 2021.
The ceremony was held on December 3, 2018 at Chandigarh. Ms Amandeep Kaur Kalra, Coordinator British Council and Davinder Dutt received the award.







This activity enabled  the students  to understand  the role  of  three leaders - Mahatama Gandhi, Martin Luther  King  and Nelson  Mandela, who fought  against  wrong  practices  by non-violence and promoted international  peace.
Students  were involved  in research  work on these leaders and group  discussions  were also held. To gain  an insight  into  the  lives  of these leaders different  activities like  Story waiting and  Slogan  writing Competitions on the  theme 'World  Peace' were organised.Apart from  this different  groups  of children participated in Poster  and Card-making competitions with  great  interest. They came up with colourful  and   beautiful  pictures. 
A Special Assembly  on the  occasion  of Gandhi  Jayanti was organised  for the whole  school where talks and performances  by teachers and students  held to spread  the  message  of non-violence  and peace in the  society.Enactments  based on Gandhi ji's Dandi March, Martin  Luther  King  and  Nelson Mandela  were also performed  by students to convince  the  wrong  doers to take the  path  of national  reconstruction. All these  activities  were put on YouTube and exchange of these ideas took place through E-mails with  partner  schools  in America  and South  Africa. 
This  activity  based on leaders  encouraged  the  students  to rise  above  the  individual  self and inclined  towards non-violence and  world peace. 

Different Competitions like  Poetical  Recitation, Collage-making were conducted highlighting the  effects  of pollution  over  two  decades on the  monuments. Picture Composition Competition  on Monuments  and Tourism  was conducted  for  Classes  VI, VII and VIII. Students  came up with amazing  facts and explained  the key  facts regarding  pollution and articulate  it's  effects on Monuments like  Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower  etc. 
Students  placed different  bins of three colours in the school  campus promoting  Recycle, Reuse and Reduce. The usage of three colours - Red, Green and Yellow was explained thoroughly to the students before  their  placement in the  different  corners so that  they  became sensible  towards environment. 
To further  enhance  their  knowledge  and to make  them  understand  the  contribution  of monuments  as an economic  source, A visit  to the  Taj Mahal , Agra was organised where the  students  gained  knowledge about  when, where and by whom  the monument  was made. All these activities  were put  up on YouTube.The same ideas were exchanged through  mails with  schools  in UK and China.


"Leadership is a privilege to better the lives of others. It is not an opportunity to satisfy personal greed.~ Mwai Kibaki "