Known to be one of the favourite indoor sport, PPS has six badminton courts. The Multi-Sports Complex has indoor badminton courts. Separate court was also built in the Girls' Hostel.  Staff and students play friendly fixtures and IPSCs, badminton tournaments regularly.


Year 2019
State Girls Badminton Championship held at Faridkot 
Akshima got Bronze medal in U-14 category
Nabha Open Badminton Tournament 
Akshima got gold medal in U-11 category 

U-15 category 
Akshit Vij won Gold medal 

U-17 category 
Arin Batan won Gold medal 

U-17 Doubles Category 
Arin Batan & Akshit Vij won Silver medal 

In The Year 2017
A. District Championship held at Patiala.
1. Riaz (R00298) got Silver Medal in U-13 Category.
2. Aryan (S00187) was second runner up in U-19 Category.
B. State Championship held at Ropar.
1. Riaz (R00298) qualifies for Punjab State Badminton Championship.
C. Tafty gas National Games held at Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar.
1. Aryan (S00187) represented Punjab in National Games.
D. Punjab Open Badminton Tournament Held At Nabha.
1. Tushar B00110 got Gold Medal in U-19 Doubles.
2. Aryan (S00187) got Silver Medal in U-19 Singles.
3. Aryan (S00187) got Gold Medal in U-17 Singles.
4. Aryan (S00187) got Gold Medal in U-17 Doubles.
5. Yashik (J00358) got Gold Medal in U-17 Doubles.
6. Arin (B00334) got gold medal in U-13 singles.
7. Samarveer (R00151) got silver medal in U-13 singles.
E. SGFI National Games Nasik, Maharashtra.
1. Yashik got selected in school nationals.

In The Year 2018
A. North Zone Badminton Tournament held at Patiala.
1. Akshima (J00382) Got Rank in Top 8 in The tournament.
B. District Championship held at Patiala.
1. Arin (B00334 won Silver Medal in U-15 Category.
2. Akshima n(J00382) second runner up in U-11 girls singles.
3. Avreet (J00328) second runner up in U-13 girls singles.
C. State Badmminton Championship held at Jalandhar
1. Arin participated in State Championship


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